Avoid taking antimalarial drugs with Vitamin C and blood tonic.

Anti-Malarial drugs vs VITAMIN-C vs Blood Tonics.

When we are sick, especially when we know the genesis of the sickness. We tend to self-administer drugs without knowing the implications of taking a drug.
You should know that every drug is a poison and also a cure. What differentiates the drug from being a poison or a cure is the dosage at which it was taken, by the sick individual.
Are you in the habit of taking Vitamin C and Blood tonic with the drugs you take?

Please don’t do so whenever you have malaria.
You should know that liver is the site of drug metabolism in the human body. Therefore, every drug you take is metabolized or reduced to infinitesimal amounts in the liver.
The liver is an important organ in the life process of malaria parasites in the body and is rich in Iron.
The malaria parasites – Plasmodium really needs Iron – Fe for survival and so when iron supplements or blood tonics or capsules are taken, they accumulate more in the liver and the malaria parasites multiply very favourably since they depend on a lot of iron for their multiplication.
In fact, these parasites also attack red blood cells and destroy them (hemolysis) just to get more iron. This, in turn, causes inflammatory symptoms that present as malaria; and that’s why malaria, left untreated, will gradually result in anaemia (low concentration of red blood cells in the body).
Vitamin C, on the other hand, whether gotten from fruits like orange, grape, fruit juice, or tablets sold in pharmacies, helps with the absorption of iron which goes mostly to the liver and blood.
This may be good for a patient who has anaemia as it helps to build up blood in the body, but it is detrimental to people who have malaria as the malaria parasites will have more iron to feed on and grow further.
Also, Vitamin C helps young malaria parasites grow to maturity in the body.
The Artemisinin Combination Therapy (ACTs) Artemether and Amodiaquine which are contained in antimalarial like Coartem, Artequick, e.t.c. act by releasing oxidative derivatives in the body to mop up the parasites, but vitamin C acts as an antioxidant which counters the effect of the oxidative derivatives and so the antimalarial effect is not fully achieved.
So, please avoid taking antimalarial with Vitamin C (in any form) and blood tonic (iron) together. When you have finished taking the antimalarial (usually 3days), you can commence your vitamin C and blood tonic

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