If you give love, you will receive love.

VANITY has no other name but VANITY (I thought you should read it too)

A Wrist watch for
N500, 000?? Will it show me when the world will end?

• A Bathing soap for
N80, 000?? Will it wash away sins and sorrows?

• One Eye glasses for
N350, 000?? If I wear it, will I be able to see the future?

• An Italian shoe for N150,000?? Shebi I will be able to walk on water?

• A Plasma TV for N500,000?? Will it show me the Judgement day on the last day live?

• A Gold plated mobile phone for 3 million naira. Chai!!! Will I use it to answer heaven’s call?

• A Hand Bag for 1.3Million naira?? Will I put my life inside it?

• 2 million naira for a table in comedy show. Which kind
laugh I never laugh before?

• 3 Million naira per year at a university. After graduation, will they make me the president?

Sometimes, I wonder why some people spend like craze, knowing fully well that there are hungry children in the streets roaming about naked.

1. The smallest act of kindness you show, can change someone’s life.

2. Remember, money only brings happiness if you help people with it.

3. Let someone say to you, BECAUSE OF YOU I DIDN’T #GIVE_UP !!!

When God bless’ you financially, don’t just raise your STANDARD OF LIVING, also raise your STANDARD OF GIVING.



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