Tragedy!  strucks Nigeria Airforce as a young lover shut his girlfriend and classmate out of Jealousy this morning. 

A Nigerian Air Force personnel by name, Lieut Kal his classmate/girlfriend, Oladipupo Solape a.k.a Shomzy Shomzy in Markudi Benue state. 

The duo are said to be in relationship for some time. The two always tag each other in any of their Facebook posts. But the story change this morning as Lieut Kal shot his lover dead this morning. 

According to their classmates, he killed her out of jealousy. 

In series of Facebook posts Kal shared before he killed his girlfriend, 

he described yesterday as his last day as an airman and even wished himself ‘RIP’. It is believed that his last post which is ‘4:36‘ was the time he killed the young girl. 

This is a great lesson for the youth and young lovers. Love is not by force, it is high time you study your partner to know her strengths and weaknesses. If you cannot put up with it, you quit. Now Shomzy is dead, Kal will be arrested if he didn’t commit suicide. Who gain? On no account should you take human life, life is sacred! You can also see her last whassapp chat! 


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